Global Reach, Local Presence


With offices strategically positioned across eight key production markets, Importiva combines the strengths of a global company with the benefits of local expertise. Our local teams leverage their in-depth market understanding and cultural insights to navigate each unique business landscape, helping our clients achieve their sourcing, product development, and supply chain goals.



Our China team navigates the world’s largest manufacturing hub with ease. Harnessing their extensive local knowledge and relationships, they deliver exceptional sourcing, product development, and supply chain solutions.



In Bangladesh, a major global player in textiles, our team taps into the region’s rich resources and manufacturing capabilities to source top-quality products for our clients.



From Pakistan’s thriving textile industry to its emerging tech sector, our local team helps clients to capitalize on the vast opportunities the country has to offer.



With an office in India, we offer clients access to one of the most diverse and vibrant markets in the world. Our local team navigates India’s multifaceted business landscape, ensuring our clients’ success.



In Vietnam, a burgeoning manufacturing powerhouse, our team’s expertise covers a broad range of industries. We ensure our clients can access the best of what this dynamic market has to offer.


Sri Lanka

Our Sri Lanka team leverages their deep understanding of the local market to source quality products, particularly in the textiles and tea sectors, helping our clients thrive in their respective markets.



With a focus on textiles, garments, and footwear, our Cambodia team offers unrivaled insights into these sectors. They ensure our clients source the highest quality products at competitive prices.



From food and beverage to automotive parts, our Thailand office provides comprehensive services to help clients access this dynamic Southeast Asian market.

Our Approach

Regardless of location, Importiva’s promise remains consistent: providing tailored, efficient, and impactful solutions. Our local teams are the backbone of this commitment, offering invaluable insights, fostering strong relationships, and ensuring each client’s unique needs are met.

Experience the Importiva difference – a global reach with a local touch.