Unveiling Importiva: Your Ally in Global Success

Our Story

Over four decades ago, Importiva embarked on a mission: to simplify the complex world of global sourcing, product development, and end-to-end supply chain management. We envisioned creating a platform that brings together businesses and overseas manufacturing, making international sourcing an effortless journey.

Fast forward to today, Importiva proudly stands with a robust network of offices in eight significant production markets – China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Thailand. Our presence in these pivotal locales enables us to deliver unparalleled service, perfectly aligning with the dynamics of local markets.


Our Mission

Our mission at Importiva is to be the beacon guiding businesses globally towards growth and prosperity. We’re committed to simplifying the intricate world of global sourcing and supply chain management, helping our clients focus their energies on growth and innovation.

We believe in the power of transparency and fostering strong relationships with our clients and suppliers alike. With an unwavering commitment to collaborative partnerships and tailored strategies, we’re focused on enhancing operational efficiency and business performance.

Our Team

Importiva’s strength lies in our diverse team of industry experts spread across our global offices. Each member brings to the table a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and cultural insights, spanning from sourcing and product development to logistics and market understanding.

Our local teams in each country provide Importiva with an exceptional advantage. Equipped with local knowledge and cultural acumen, they truly understand the nuances of their respective markets. This enables us to navigate smoothly, ensuring that your business always has the upper hand.

Our Values

Importiva’s ethos is deeply rooted in a set of values that inform every step we take. These are more than just words to us; they are the guiding principles we pledge to our clients.

  • Integrity: We conduct our business with unwavering honesty and transparency.
  • Quality: Commitment to delivering top-notch services is at the heart of what we do.
  • Innovation: In a dynamic marketplace, we’re consistently seeking ways to adapt and improve.
  • Collaboration: We cherish our clients as partners, collaborating for shared success.
  • Commitment: We promise to be your reliable partner at every step of your journey.

Our Impact

Importiva has been a key player in the growth stories of countless businesses worldwide. Our tailored strategies and deep insights have helped to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and increase profitability.